Thursday, April 9, 2009

Late day Thursday linkorama!

Was on Glenn Beck today. Did anyone catch it? I saw some Twitter chatter about it but didn't catch it.

NEWS- Rick came out for SB50, which is a 10th amendment rights bill (link).
NEWS- Rick is considering tuition relief for families (link).
NEWS- NAVY SEAL gets dog shot, Rick somehow involved in getting him justice (link).
NEWS- Sour grapes Chris Bell still going after Rick in court (link).

BLOG- Ted Nugent says Rick will be with him at the San Antonio anti-tax teaparty (link). Hat tip to Prairie Pundit about that (link).
BLOG- Rick did a conference call with Americans for Prosperity last night, and there is a liveblog transcript available (link). Did anyone grab the audio? Anything interesting on the call? I meant to call in, but I was detained.

BLOG- Was in Arlington for a Technology Incubator announcement (link).

NEWS- Rick and Kay were both mentioned in a story about a United States Attorney resigning (link).

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