Tuesday, April 21, 2009

John Sharp rips Rick...

Is John Sharp running for Governor now?

John Sharp, a potential Senate candidate if Kay Bailey Hutchison resigns to run for governor, is standing before an American flag and taking issue with Rick Perry's empathetic words for secessionists. He's released it as a YouTube campaign ad.
It does make you wonder if the ever-evolving relationship between Sharp and Perry might be undergoing another change. First, they were friends, going all the way back when they were at Texas A&M together -- and both were Democrats. Then Perry switched parties and ran for Agriculture Commissioner. Then they ran against each other for lieutenant governor, and Perry won a close but bitter contest. Then they didn't talk for years. Then they made up and Perry as governor tapped Sharp to head a blue-ribbon group to help solve the public school financing crisis. And now this.
To answer my earlier question, no, he is not running for Governor, he is running for Senate. I guess he thinks this will raise him some money and get him some viral notoriety. Probably a smart move. Cash in on all the feigned outrage from liberals. Get your name out in the liberal media and liberal blogs. Get posted on Rick vs. Kay. You know, all the big media outlets.

Does anyone else think John Sharp is looking rather old, especially if he was at Texas A&M at the same time as Rick?

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