Friday, April 17, 2009

Rick still not for secession...

I keep seeing this furor or joy, depending on where you're from and what your political persuasion is, about Rick's alleged comments on secession. According to the MSNBC crowd and the Drudge Report, Rick actually called for secession. Not really. At all.

Playing into that, Ken Herman asked Rick when Texas is seceding...

You might have to be a Texan to really get this. Texans love to boast about how we are the only state that can secede from the union, the only state that can divide itself into 5 states, and so forth. It's part of Texas lore. They even teach that stuff in Texas history in 7th grade.

What is it the Aggies say? From the inside, you can't explain it. From the outside, you can't understand it. I think that sort of applies to this whole state pride thing. You can't really understand Texas state pride unless you're from Texas. Otherwise you might take this stuff too literally.

Back on March 21, Rick vs. Kay had a blog about Rick and secession jokes (link). He came a lot closer back then than he did this week in terms of saying he was for secession, although people must be pretty disappointed one way or another when they see he didn't actually call for secession either time. Part of me gets a little tingle up my leg, Chris Matthews style, thinking about how incredible secession really would be in some ways, assuming the rest of the country let us go this time around. The 1860s were a total bummer, but they could have been a fun time for all if not for that whole War of Northern Aggression. Just kidding people!!!

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