Thursday, April 23, 2009

Texas Weekly Tea Leaves Recap...

Texas Weekly puts out good recaps of what is going on each week, and they have a whole link rich blog about the tea party rallies and secession (link)...

Secede Section

Texans for Rick Perry followed their boss man to rallies in the DFW Metroplex, here, here, here and here. Postcards, the Austin American-Statesman's blog, has Perry talking Texas independence on video after the Austin tea party. Junkie has a transcript of an exchange between Perry and the Capitol press corps, where Perry denies saying he wants Texas to leave the union.

"There is little doubt that Perry is serious about seceding from the union. My guess is he's grown tired of fighting it out for last place with Mississippi," says Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, D-El Paso, sound bite courtesy NewspaperTree Blog. Blue Dot Blues ponders over the question of whether Texas really can secede or not. Meanwhile, Pondering Penguin "hope[s] the governor chooses his words a bit more carefully next time."

"He is smart enough to know that it is completely asinine and stupid, but apparently still thinks exploiting this intellectually handicapped segment of the population will prove beneficial at election time," Rhetoric & Rhythm says. Bay Area Houston says GOP voters won't choose U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison as their nominee for Governor because she's pro-choice (though she would disagree with that label). Breaking with her boss, In the Pink doesn't think Perry has a good shot at the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination. She posts a video of Perry talking tea, anyway.

Perry received more than 4,000 messages about unemployment insurance stimulus funds, reports the Houston Chronicle's Texas Politics, which has them all in .pdf format. They also posts negative responses to Perry from Texas Democrats, including one who wants Perry's job.

Click here for the wrapup of late night jokes about Texas secession, via Junkie. Meanwhile, Burka accuses the Governor of showing favoritism toward his alma mater Texas A&M. He's also calling for the Lege to abolish Perry's emerging technology fund.

Some good links.


  1. Why does this blog purport to be neutral, but you keep harping on the secession issue when that issue is so clearly a negative for Governor Perry and a positive for Senator Hutchison? Drop it already.

  2. dont be fooled this site stopped being neutral the day it began. even a blind monkey knows that. this site is todd olsons best work ever.


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