Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday LINKORAMA!

Is probably in Austin today doing legislature stuff.

NEWS- Rick gave a big speech to some homeschoolers (link). I wonder if they will endorse in this race?

NEWS- Rick is involved in a posthumous exoneration of someone convicted of murder (link).

NEWS- More about the formal exoneration of the dead inmate (link).

NEWS- The Dallas Morning News believes some Republican lawmakers are resisting Rick (link).

NEWS- One of Rick's Emerging Technology Fund recipients adds staffers (link).

NEWS- Rick weighs in on windstorm insurance (link).

NEWS- Rick supports reform to schools for the disabled (link).

BLOG- Burnt Orange Report, the very liberal activist blog, is in a tizzy over Rick's appearance or non appearance on the Glenn Beck show (link). So... what's the answer? Kind of a weird blog for an otherwise funny and entertaining liberal slanted site.

BLOG- The New Majority blog talks about Meg Whitman's plans to do for California what Rick did for Texas (link). Excerpt follows...

In an earlier presentation to a smaller group in San Diego, Whitman contrasted California’s parlous situation with the Herculean energies of Republican governors like Texas’s Rick Perry, who recently trimmed his state budget from $80 billion to $70 billion and slashed onerous regulations such that new businesses would have to apply for no more than two permits, period. A shocking 70% of all new jobs created nationwide between November 2007 and November 2008 were created in Texas. Whitman argues that only by embracing such true reform can California hope to get its mojo back; Whitman herself, a Harvard MBA, is no stranger to job creation: 1.3 million people now earn most or all of their livelihoods selling items on eBay.

But, again, how can the Texas model be applied to California, a deeply blue state with much more powerful labor groups? I asked Whitman’s spokesman, Mitch Zak, whether he could provide any specifics. Zak responded that Whitman intends to use both the carrot and the stick in dealing with the Democrats and the unions. While Schwarzenegger “gave up the stick when he first got his lip split,” Zak said, “Meg understands where she needs to get, and while she’ll be willing to try to collaborate, if that fails, she’ll also be willing to get aggressive.”

Is in Midland, Texas today to announce a $250,000 grant to the city for improvements to a park (link).

NEWS- Kay and Big John appear to have been overruled on the nomination of judges by the Obama administration and Lloyd Doggett (link).

BLOG- The Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center gives Kay props for her work with Ted Kennedy on a cancer bill (link).

BLOG- The comments section of this blog about Charlie Crist has an okay back and forth about Kay's chances (link).

NEWS- The Daily Texan again mentions the disagreement over Rick's decision to reject some of the stimulus money (link).

BLOG- Will the Ron Paul people go to Debra Medina (link)? Excerpt follows:
Current governor Rick Perry has been criticized for his support of the Trans Texas Corridor (NAFTA Super Highway), the open border and the mandatory vaccination of all 11 and 12 year old girls with the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is running against Rick Perry. Senator Hutchison recently voted for the 2008 Bailout of Wall Street Banksters and for HR 1388. HR 1388 is the G.I.V.E. Act (Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act), which basically establishes an Obama Youth Brigade.
Those are the standard reasons people give for being hesitant to choose one side or the other, but I don't see Debra being a big factor in this race.

The Austintatious Magazine has a decent blog about the race, although they seem to have a liberal slant so I think they get some things pretty wrong (link). Here's a good excerpt...
The matchup is already a classic: the conservative ideologue versus the moderate pragmatist; the former chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association versus the country’s top-ranked Republican woman in the senate; and most importantly of course, the Aggie versus the Longhorn.

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