Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is Rick running for PREZ?

A couple of days as the lead on Drudge, and suddenly people are talking about Rick running for PRESIDENT?!? Are these people for real?

NBC DFW has a whole blog about it (link). Excerpt follows:

Now, more than ever, it looks like Governor Perry is setting himself up to be the anti-Obama candidate Republicans may rely on in 2012.

Speaking yesterday at two TEA Party events, Gov. Perry was a crowd favorite by re-iterating the core conservative ideals; cut taxes, cut spending, and shrink government. Perry's speech echoed the "return to conservatism" he pitched in a February column printed in the Washington Times.

His other public addresses have taken hard lines as well, speaking on issues like "State's Rights," stimulus funds Perry claims have Washington strings attached, and taking on border security issues by asking for Federal troops. For each of these, the Governor has been upfront with his battle against "Obama's Washington," which many voters see as overreaching and restrictive.

But through all the public speeches and policy decision, it seems as though Governor Perry is taking the national stages, rather than just Texan ones.

Paul Burka blogged about it too (link). Excerpt follows:

Ever since Perry announced his intention to run for reelection in 2010, I have always considered the possibility that in a shrinking Republican party, Perry sees an opportunity to play on the national stage. He is as consistent a spokesman for the conservative message as there is, and he has a strong conservative record to go with it. He is consistently “misunderestimated” in Texas, and the idea of another Texas governor in the White House will not play well with the American people. That said, you have to be the Republican nominee before you can be president, and the members of Perry’s inner circle think that is within Perry’s reach. The camera has always loved him, and when you see him in videos and sound bites, he comes across as a pro. If indeed Perry has national ambitions–and why wouldn’t he?–he may see in the Tea Party movement an opportunity to get out in front of a vocal constituency. God forbid.

What are these people smoking?

More importantly, what has gotten into Rick these days? Is it the prospect of competition that has lit a fire under his behind, or what? He's shot up into GOP stardom bigtime not just over the past couple of days, but over the past few months. Did he get a new campaign consultant? Is it the legislative session? Is he just better as an opposition figure (to Obama) than an establishment governor? What has happened to make Rick so much more marketable to Drudge, Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh (and other national media) in such a short span of time? Is it a concerted first effort by Rick to run for President? Surely not, right?

I just can hardly even imagine either Rick or Kay running for President. That is just bonkers. Am I behind the curve here?

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