Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday late day LINKORAMA...

NEWS- Family of dead DNA exoneree meets Rick (link). The wrongly convicted guy died in prison at age 38 from asthma? That's just sad all around.
NEWS- Lauded the state response to Hurricane Ike (link). Most of Rick's liberal critics even seem to agree on this one.
NEWS- Rick asked the lege to create a disaster recovery commission (link). Sort of a no brainer, but with the fiscal situation a lot tighter than it was 2 years ago, there may be some hesitancy in the lege.
BLOG- Corona working on Rick and the Dew to get local option tax hike back on track (link). Actually a pretty good debate going on that blog.

NEWS- Kay got 2 million dollars for hurricane debris removal (link). Two down, 2145 to go.
NEWS- Worked on marriage penalty and sales tax relief (link). Applause.
BLOG- Lauds Continental Airlines' entry into the Star Alliance (link). How is this worthy of even just a blog? Am I missing the significance of this?

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