Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Daily Kos poll about Rick and Kay makes waves...

The blogs are all buzzing about a new Daily Kos survey that says that half of Texas Republicans want Texas to secede from the union.

The Fix has a good run down (link). Excerpt follows...

Every once in a while, just when we think we have seen it all, a poll cross the Fix desk that makes us do a double-take.

This is that poll.


Still, the secession results suggest that Perry may be more in line with the average Texas Republican primary voter than previously imagined.

In the words of Tim Riggins, "Texas forever".

Burnt Orange has a solid rundown of all the numbers (link). Kay has higher favorables than Rick, and Rick has higher unfavorables, but the really big news from this poll is just how many Republicans support flat out secession. Is this a chicken/egg deal where Rick said it therefore his hardcore supporters will follow, or was Rick just tapping into something that was already out there?

The Hedgehog report mocks Kos for spelling Kay's last name "Hutchinson" and makes the point that both Rick and Kay dominate Tom Schieffer (link). Wayne Slater adds an interesting comment from a professor at UT-Pan American (link). Excerpt follows...

Said political scientist Jerry Polinard at the University of Texas-Pan American: "There may have been comedy routines about Perry for the rest of the nation, but every joke that Jay Leno made about him probably picked him up a few hundred votes."

I think all of this will die down in a month or two, and we will all be talking about Tier 1 Universities or some other boring topic.

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