Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rick wants Rush Limbaugh to keep Austin weird?

The omnipresent and always sharply dressed Wayne Slater has a blog on the Dallas Morning News website about Rick and Rush (link). Excerpts follow:
"He's not unlike other people who want to go to a place that's got low taxes and fair regulations and a balanced legal system and a skilled work force. Excellence in Broadcasting hires a lot of people. So if he wants to go somewhere where he works hard and keeps more of what he makes, Texas is the place to do that."


Apparently, Galveston is out - hurricane season. He'd certainly have no problem finding politically compatible neighbors in Midland or Dallas or, for that matter, much of West Texas. But The Republican governor has another idea for the king of conservative radio to call his second home: Austin.

"I think Austin would be an awesome place for Rush Limbaugh. You know, keep Austin weird. Isn't that the city's unofficial motto?"

Rush Limbaugh is looking to move. Would getting Rush be a boon to a Republican Governor in a Republican primary in a Republican state? Would Kay take credit for Rush's move and say she is responsible for Texas not having an income tax?

Probably not much of an advantage either way. That being said, there are a lot of people moving to Texas, but a right wing celebrity such as Rush Limbaugh could put a face on that and hammer home the points that Rick, the head "yell leader" for the state, always makes about Texas. Texas is a good place to live, make a living, and raise some little ones. Even though there are places with nicer weather and plenty of airports, Texas has a government that is pro growth and pro people, unlike a lot of places right now.

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  1. I think Rush would make a great Texan. He talks about bar-b-q an awful lot on his show. I think he'd fit right in.


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