Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Libertarian Republican makes a good point...

A lot of people keep talking about the secession thing as part of some veiled racist Southern throwback. This totally misreads Texas. Not a whole lot of Texans really consider Texas to be part of the Old South.

The fun Texans have with the secession issue is based mostly on Texas' status as an independent Republican for roughly a decade. Yes, for those who still don't get it, Texas was its own country. And whether pinhead liberal professors agree or not, it is taught in schools across Texas that Texas entered the United States of its own accord. Texas went in willingly, but reserved the right to break apart if things went awry. People can argue whether that is right all day long, but that's what native Texans believe to be the case.

The Libertarian Republican takes note of one inside the beltway writer who seems to "get it" (link). Excerpt follows...

Smith, a diehard liberal, seems to have done his homework on the matter. He admits that the sovereignty supporters could be on to something. From his column, "Half of Texans favor Independence":

It's worth keeping in mind that Texas has an anomalous tradition as a free country that isn't entirely part of the Civil War-era question of secession.
This is an absolutely stunning statement to come out of the lips of a liberal mainstream media figure.
Exactly. The reaction from the liberal media shows just how little they understand about history. The people yelling "secede" at the Austin teaparty were likely not racist rednecks who want to see the South rise again. Instead, they were probably post racial (youthful) Ron Paul supporters who philosophically oppose big government and have a bit of state pride at the same time.

Big, big difference.

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  1. Are you going galt on us? If so, good.

    Check out this post by Matt Chancey at United Liberty on the idea of secession: http://www.unitedliberty.org/articles/redefining-a-nation


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