Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good back and forth editorial from Beaumont on secession...

The Beaumont Enterprise of all newspapers has a good mini debate going on its editorial page (link). Excerpts follow...


Gov. Rick Perry has gone too far. His remarks at Wednesday's Tea Party protest in Austin that suggested Texas might secede from the Union were irresponsible and embarrassing. Perry should immediately retract those comments and affirm his loyalty to this country.

At the Tea Party, some people were unfortunately shouting, "Secede!" As Perry was leaving, he was asked about that option.

After first saying, "We've got a great Union," Perry wandered into dangerous territory. He said "if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people … who knows what might come out of that. … We're a pretty independent lot to boot (in Texas)."

That's not something a governor should toss off casually. The Civil War was a traumatic event in our history. The secession of the Southern states was an attempt to perpetuate the horrors of slavery.

Whatever our differences in this country, we must remain united and strong, with respect for all citizens. One of the few things we can't tolerate is people or politicians who preach hatred or divisiveness.



The people who are so upset over what Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday need to calm down. They should sip of nice cup of tea - hot or cold, depending on preference - and reflect on what he actually said, not what others are reading into it.

Such as, "We've got a great union. There's absolutely no reason to dissolve it." Or his remarks the next day, "Clearly I stated that we have a great union. … And I see no reason for that to change."

What's really happening here is that supporters of big government and mega-spending were unnerved by the Tea Parties across America. They want to portray those who attended them as extremists.

America doesn't need more conformity and politically correct speech. It needs people like Perry and the Tea Partiers, hard-working taxpayers who are fed up with Washington.

If this country gets back on the right track, it won't have to worry about any more citizen protests or leaders like Perry who refuse to ignore the dangers that face us.

Maybe it's all the Fox News watching over the years, but I like the fair and balanced approach from newspaper editorial sections. Give both sides a fair shake.

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  1. Of all papers!? HA my blog is linked in their blog section... They have done a lot recently to totally overhaul the look and feel of the paper. Good work guys!


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