Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rick's trip to San Angelo...

Rick was in San Angelo last night to raise money for the Tom Green County GOP (link). Excerpt follows...

Movements such as the recent TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party protests over government spending aren't going away, the Texas governor said.

It's part of a national movement that he said is gaining popular support as people stand up against the Obama administration's overreaching policies, Gov. Rick Perry told a crowd of more than 200 people Wednesday night.

"For me, the TEA Parties were about the 10th Amendment," Perry said. "The 10th Amendment says the federal government was created by the state to be an agent by the states. Not the other way around.

"The federal government - with no regard to what it's doing to our country - is mortgaging our kids' future. The money that they are pouring out the door is going to have to be paid back one day."

Perry's 20-minute message was a popular one at the LeGrand Alumni Center at Angelo State University, where he spoke to help raise money for the operation of the local GOP headquarters, 1201 S. Abe St., for the next two years.

The San Angelo newspaper carried a second article about Rick vs. Kay (link). Excerpts follow...

Rick Perry is running on his record, and says that West Texas knows what he believes in.

While he said Wednesday night in San Angelo he was not focused on a campaign, he added that he should be familiar to local residents and the issues that are important here.

"They know what I believe in, and they know what I've accomplished," Perry said. "That will be the basis for standing up in front of the people in September and saying, 'This is why I want to be your governor.'"


In an e-mail to the Standard-Times, Hutchison spokesman Hans Klingler said, "Over the course of the coming months, (Hutchison) will have a discussion with Texas voters regarding important issues facing our state, issues such as access to education, lowering property taxes, stimulating the Texas economy and private-property rights.

"Kay Bailey Hutchison believes, as most Texans do, if the needs continue to go unaddressed, our children and grandchildren will be the ones who inherit the problems tomorrow that could have been fixed today."

Perry said that right now, his focus is the remaining 35 days of the legislative session.

"I'm a big believer good policy makes good politics," Perry said.

Rick tweeted after the event (link)...

Just back from Tom Green Co Reagan Day Dinner. Tenth Amendment supporters out in force in West Texas!!! Keep the heat on Washington!!
Rick is very popular in West Texas, since that is where he is from. Kay might be more popular in parts of Dallas, where she is from. Who will be more popular in the rest of the state in a Republican primary? That's the real question.

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