Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More about the Specter party switch fallout and Kay...

Gromer Jeffers Jr. thinks Kay's vote is less important than it once was (link). Excerpt follows...

Republicans, however, are concerned that a special election for Senate would give a Democrat a better chance than a regular contest at winning Hutchison's seat.

At this point, though, Hutchison could feel like her best political move is to get back to Texas as soon as possbile.

Paul Burka is urging Kay to drop out of the Republican Primary and run as a Democrat (link). Excerpt follows...
You can attack Perry’s record a lot more easily in a general election than in a Republican primary, where voters actually think secession is a good idea. In fact, I think you’d be unbeatable. And you would have the last laugh at people like me who think you might still get out of the race. You are getting out–of a primary you may not be able to win for a general election you will win by at least 60-40.

Here’s another advantage to switching parties: You will be able to govern. Even if you defeat Perry in the Republican primary and win the general election, you won’t be able to govern. Republicans in the Legislature don’t want to govern. They want to pander to their primary voters. They want to do Voter ID, guns in schools, ultrasound images, no sex ed, no stem cell research, no new money for schools, run immigrants out of the state, and all the rest of the stuff you have had to cope with for years as a moderate Republican. But if you switch parties, you will elect bring into power with you a Democratic majority in the House and probable pickups in the Senate and a chance to influence redistricting in 2011. You can govern.

Think about it.

Is that how Carole got suckered into running as an independent? The siren song of Paul Burka, with his tempting love letters?

Don't fall for it, Kay. We still need you on our team.

What this does open up the possibility of is an earlier resignation for Kay from the Senate. Maybe this summer even?

The Hill reports that Specter's flip may impact Kay's decision (link). Excerpt follows...

Should Franken eventually be seated, the situation also changes in Texas, where the prospect of 60 Democratic Senate seats is the main thing preventing Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) from retiring to run for governor.

If Hutchison resigns now, her successor will be decided in a primary-less free-for-all special election in which anything can happen.

That prospect has led GOP colleagues to pressure Hutchison to remain in her seat. National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Chairman John Cornyn (Texas), in an interview with The Hill last week, suggested a special election would give Democrats a good opportunity to reach 60 before the 2010 election.

And Gov. Rick Perry (R), whom Hutchison would challenge in a primary, signaled recently that he would make the prospect of 60 Democratic Senate seats a campaign issue, adding to the pressure Hutchison is under.

If Democrats are already at 60, though, the pressure on Hutchison would subside.

The Trailblazers blog adds Kay's thoughts on the subject (link). Excerpt follows...
Texas' senior senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, had this to say when one of our DC reporters, Laura Isensee, caught up with her a few minutes ago: "I didn't see it coming. I certainly was surprised, and of course I'm disappointed."
The pressure is probably there whether it's 58, 59, 60, or 61, but if Democrats already have 60 shouldn't we, as Clayton Williams once so eloquently said about rape, just sit back, relax and enjoy it?

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