Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rick vs. Kay the second best primary next year?

Cervantes blog ranks the Republican primaries for next year and places the Rick vs. Kay battle at #2 behind the Specter vs. Toomey matchup (link)...
2. Texas governor (R): There’s no doubt that the race between Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison will be a bloody affair. But, of late, the two sides have generally played nice — preferring to stalk one another from afar. But the battle plans are already drawn up. Perry will cast Hutchison as a squishy moderate, particularly on the abortion issue; Hutchison will paint Perry as an ineffective governor whose time has passed.
It is very hard to see how the abortion issue doesn't seriously harm Kay in this race. My pro life contacts are single issue voters, and they do not trust Kay in the same way that a lot of the anti-TTC folks (a MUCH smaller number than the pro lifers) will never trust Rick.

The American Thinker blog adds its thoughts to the discussion (link). Excerpt follows...
The GOP gubernatorial primary race could become a leading test case between Republicans who’ve voted for the 2008 bailout bill, and/or the stimulus bill, versus challengers who will use their votes against them. Already Senator Hutchison has been referred to by opponents as Kay “Bailout” Hutchison.

Perry may try to paint Hutchison as a “moderate” Republican who offered too much support to Obama’s big government spending. Hutchison may try to portray Perry as a governor who was unable to stem the tide of illegal immigration and who has little to show by way of statewide accomplishments for his time in office.
The battle lines are quickly being drawn. If Rick keeps having weeks like this week and Kay keeps defending earmarks, it will be harder and harder for people like me to sit on the fence.

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  1. say what you will about perry but he is not the problem with the border. that lays at the feet of the feds and only KHB is on the ballot next time. there is not one issue that ranks with republicans where khb has it over perry. watching the border and her support of amnsety will kill her. never mind all the personal baggage she brings to the ring.


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