Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Biden coming to Texas... is Rick preparing his boot?

The instructive and dynamic Mr. Selby of the Austin American Statesman reports that Vice President Joe Biden is on his way to Texas (link). Excerpt follows...

I’ve also heard Democratic speculation about Biden addressing a joint session of the Republican-majority House and Senate—potentially a fine spectacle presuming Biden attempts a spirited defense of the federal stimulus package that’s been chewed upon by lawmakers and GOP Gov. Rick Perry.

But aides to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, didn’t immediately confirm any invitation to Biden.

Meanwhile, Mark Miner, Perry’s communications director, said the governor wouldn’t object to Biden giving such a speech under the pink dome. Miner said: “We’re not going to stand in the way if the House and Senate choose to invite him.”


It kind of brings back this video...

Really random video. Was it made preemptively to cash in on Biden's visit? It was posted March 29... trying to figure out the significance of that date and the significance of a boot up Joe Biden's tailpipe.

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