Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rick in Ft. Worth... "Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression"

TCU's school newspaper gave the Ft. Worth teaparty some thorough coverage, complete with pictures and lots of quotes from the crowd (link). Excerpt follows...

Perry said the lawmakers in Washington have forgotten the foundation on which the United States was built on and continue to erode its citizens rights while they spend the citizens' tax dollars and the future tax dollars of their children.

"When government lowers taxes, it encourages spending and private sector growth," Perry said. "We aren't radical right-wing extremists. We are fellow patriots fighting for what is right."

Perry instructed the audience to take out their cell phones and text "FED UP" to 95613 so that he could show Washington just how mad the citizens of Texas were.

Perry said the numbers would be compiled in a database to act as a petition.

"In the words of Sam Houston, Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression," Perry said. "We will not stand for our pockets to be picked."

Read the whole thing for "man in the crowd" interviews and some pictures from the event. Looks like a big crowd.

As Politico put it, Rick is a "Tea party darling" (link). Excerpt follows...

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s star is rising among a new constituency — the anti-tax “tea party” crowd — in the wake of his recent endorsement of a Texas state House resolution affirming the state’s sovereignty.
This is HUGE stuff. My out of state friends are either scratching their heads in confusion or asking what city they should move to in Texas.

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