Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rick and Texas secession...

Some blogs are either excited or angry about the prospect of Texas secession in the wake of Rick's sovereignty resolution. Below is a sampling from the negative reaction.

Soot and Ashes has a negative take, and channels some of their Bush hatred and conspiracy paranoia toward Rick (link).

Another blog asks why Rick didn't push this 10th amendment stuff during the Bush administration (link).

Isaiah Carey (a reporter for a Houston Fox station?!?) posts a picture of Rick and a picture of a Confederate flag just below to evoke a sense of racism (link).

This HCR 50 thing really has some people in a tizzy. My take is that it is not secession. It will not lead to secession. It is more about opposing Obama right here and now. Am I off base?

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  1. Then why bring up such a loaded word such as "secession" ?

    There is a point at which politicians have to be careful about their words. Even if we all know it will never happen, why bring this up? If you start using such overheated rhetoric, you can't blame people for being bothered.

    There are plenty of ways to oppose Obama without threatening to secede - which he explicitly did today btw.


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