Monday, April 27, 2009

Kay cuts ribbon at library in Diboll...

The Diboll library is expanding, and Kay was on hand to oversee it (link). Excerpt follows...

Hutchison said she attended the event because of her respect for Arthur Temple and how he gave back to his community.

"I think that honoring him and the Temple family and what they're doing with this library is, it's really a treasure for Angelina County," Hutchison said.

She said books can help change our world.

More from the Lufkin newspaper (link), Kay didn't want to be outdone by Rick on the pro-Texas sentiment...
"From our earliest days Texans have loved to read," said U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas). "It started when settlers moving to the West saw a sign at the Red River that read 'Texas this way.' All of those who could read headed toward Texas and the rest went up to Oklahoma."

Sen. Hutchison made a dedication of her own, contributing a copy of her book "American Heroines: The Spirited Women Who Shaped Our Country," to the library shelves.

"Libraries are an important part of our country, our state, and each individual community," she said. "Reading books helps educate our youth and can help change our perception of the world. It is our responsibility to give that to the next generation of young people."

Pretty funny joke, but it is really striking how Rick is making inroads into the conservative base of the GOP by moderating a high profile event with a thousand+ people including prominent conservative radio talk show hosts, while Kay is dedicating a new wing of the library in Diboll, Texas? That's mayoral stuff. Eventually, Kay is going to have to start doing more events that create buzz, because Rick's people seem to be scheduling a lot more aggressively than her people are.

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