Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Tent Politics...

Bill Murchison writes that this Rick vs. Kay election might be about the future of the party (link). Excerpt follows...
What does the party want to do? Where does it want to go? Whom does it want to go with it? Maybe we’ll see in the course of the gubernatorial campaign as the two warring camps unfurl their banners. It’s barely possible that a combination approach, melding the best proposals from both sides, might suggest itself at the end of the day: some Perryish concern for low taxes and a strong business climate, some Hutchisonian attention to demographic realities, which is to say, people senior enough to remember the Twist and the Cuban missile crisis ultimately will need replacement in Republican ranks.

The GOP needs not only people named Smith but others named Chavez and Rodriguez. To circle back to the Perry position, the party needs to affirm and elaborate on ways of putting all of them to work, and keeping them there, irrespective of surnames. It’s renewal time for Republicans. Never is renewal easy or comfortable or even logicalseeming l at the time. But people, institutions, political parties who spurn the necessity — the graveyards are full of them. Bring lots of flowers when visiting.
Rick has appointed more Hispanics to the Supreme Court and other positions in state government than anyone else in Texas history, according to Rick's peeps. I can't find any evidence to confirm or refute this though... if that is true they need to get that out there a lot better.

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