Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rick drawing ire of green activists...

Rick is drawing a lot of fire from the environmental left (link). Excerpt follows...

State legislation to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in Texas has failed repeatedly, and Gov. Rick Perry disputes the danger of global warming and the wisdom of regulating carbon dioxide in Texas or the U.S. Dr. Bryan W. Shaw, whom Perry appointed chairman of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, echoed that view.

"The science on global warming is far from settled," Shaw, an associate professor of biological and agricultural engineering at Texas A&M, said in a prepared statement. He said regulations implemented incorrectly "will impose great costs on Texas, without any guarantee of a measurable environmental benefit. Reducing CO{-2} in Texas will do nothing to lower CO{-2} globally, but will have the effect of sending U.S. jobs to China and India."

The liberal Guardian also took a shot saying that Rick is not very green (link), and lots of people in twitterland retweeted, "Texas unlike to strike green any time soon."

Rick has been too green to some people... I was at one of his speeches a few months back, and he was getting cheers the whole way through from a mostly conservative Republican audience. The one time they sort of gave him a golf clap was when he started talking about all the wind incentives that have made Texas the number one state in the nation for wind energy production. Texas is a lot greener than people outside the state give it credit for... Texas also has a lot of manufacturing, factories, refineries, chemical processing, and other heavy polluting industries that the world would really miss if we shut those down. We have it all. I don't think hurting our traditional energy sector is going to help our alternative energy future.

The green movement is not just NIMBY anyone, it's NIABY. Not in anyone's back yard.

As someone with roots in Texas going back before Sam Houston I wish the outsiders would stop messing with Texas.

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