Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twitter madness... "@rickperryfacts" "@NotMackowiak"

There seem to be literally hundreds of new twitter accounts out there all focused on the race between Rick and Kay. Some even weigh in for Medina too... or Larry Kilgore... not to mention the Democrats in the race.

What are some of the twitter accounts I should be following? There are a lot of them out there that are obviously the campaign managers or consultants just screwing around and trying to spread rumors. I have probably been victim to those rumors a few times thinking they were credible for some reason... especially from Kay's side. They try to insinuate that Rick is gay, or that he is having affairs with people on twitter who say nice things about meeting him... or that a poll is coming out on a certain date only to see it not come out until weeks later. Not really credible in other words.

Then again I have been skeptical of some of the things I have read only to be surprised they are actually true in the end especially coming from Rick's side. They were spreading rumors about Kay campaign staff changes and then the rumors came true for example. They seem to know things inside of Kay's camp that are really happening.

There are some really bad ones out there that seem to be purposed almost solely with spreading misinformation and confusing who stands for what. The really bad ones get exposed pretty quickly especially when they spread false information and get called out for it.

The ones I like are the funny ones that don't just sit there spreading propaganda all day. @rickperryfacts and @NotMackowiak are both very very funny even though neither of them really offer much in the way of actual information... just a laugh break for a stressful day.

What other accounts should I be following closely each day? There are so many that it is getting hard to know which ones are valid and which ones are full of crap.


  1. KBH campaign had a staff meeting Friday, where her twitter-trolls-in-chief directed all staff to create twitter names due to lack of good news being spread by Kay supporters. So far, Kay's charge to the departed Rick Wiley ("stop the blogs") has failed.

    Rick's supporters constantly put out good news for their candidate, and there was a void for pro-KBH news. The KBH comms team told staff to create "Texas-sounding" (fake names, so when they say stupid things press can't tie it to the campaign) twitter accounts and put out anti-Rick, pro-Kay stuff. Now, some of those twitter people have been around a few months, but it's almost comical the new names they have come up with. They sound cowboy-ish...and DC imports have proven they still have a distorted view of Texans as exclusively cattle ranch cowboys.

  2. When you weed through them and find the good ones that aren't just crap shills for either campaign (and, my experience, that's the bulk of them on either side), let me know. Appreciate reading an original thought or some balanced insight on the race, not just the day's talking points thrown up in 140 characters or less and RT'ed until I want to cry.

  3. Any specific ones I should be following....? A lot of them are just unbearably negative about one side or the other. KBHStaplerDodger is pretty mean toward Kay and frankly extremely disappointing. There are some seriously demented ones that direct their venom toward Rick, as well.

  4. two new fake twitter names this morning for the KBH side. i guess it's not hard to do when you have a campaign staff of 70 (also not a wonder that her camp is out of money due to excessive overhead)


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