Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anti death penalty activists pounce on Rick...

Rick's peeps have been savaged on the Todd Willingham case, and they have not managed to get in a word edgewise. Well the Corsicana newspaper gave them some quotesv(link). Excerpt follows...
The three commissioners’ two-year terms had expired on Sept. 1, and although the governor originally appointed the three members, and reappointed them two years ago, Perry chose not to return them to the board.

“It’s a routine matter,” said Chris Cutrone, deputy press secretary to the governor. “We don’t always just reappoint people. The governor has to make thousands of appointments every year, and some people get reappointed and some don’t. It’s just business as usual.”

Cutrone said the issue wasn’t related to the Willingham case, but added that the governor has confidence in the fire marshal’s original investigation.

“Governor Perry has reviewed the totality of the facts of the case, and has stood by the conclusions reached by the courts and the Texas Supreme Court that Mr. Willingham was guilty and no further review was necessary,” Cutrone said. “To suggest the arson testimony was the only evidence presented to the jury is grossly inaccurate. The jury also heard testimony of inaccuracies in Willingham’s statements.”

He added that under state law the governor cannot pardon or commute a sentence without a recommendation from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

“The parole board never recommended clemency for Willingham,” Cutrone said.
Why has Chris Cutrone or some other spokesman been out there at least giving Rick's side to this story? He has been absolutely killed in the press, but no response has been given to assuage the concerns and the hyperbole from the anti death penalty activists who all happen to control the media as well...

They haven't even given Rick or his peeps adequate response time. I didn't even know what their response was until reading this...


  1. Don't be too hard on Cutrone, it takes time to get all your lies straight when you're in the middle of a coverup.

  2. I am not being hard on Cutrone. His statements on this are rather good. It is just the first I have heard of Rick's side of the story. Something isn't right there.


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