Thursday, April 2, 2009

House taking away Rick's veto power?

The Texas House has OKed sessions to override the vetoes of the Texas Governor (link). Excerpts follow:
Under the current legislative calendar, more than 80 percent of the bills are passed in the last days of a session and the governor waits until lawmakers have left town before issuing vetoes. In his last four sessions, Gov. Rick Perry has wiped out a record number of bills that could not be revisited, even if they had broad approval in the Legislature.


The Legislature hasn't overridden a veto for three decades, since Bill Clements was governor.

Perry has no say over whether the amendment goes to voters. But Allison Castle, the governor's press secretary, said, "We think the current system works just fine the way it is."

In the four legislative sessions completed while he was governor, Perry has vetoed 203 bills – more than any other governor. He is the longest-serving governor in Texas history.

"Our hope is that the Legislature will focus on passing good bills that don't need to be vetoed," Castle said.

Allison Castle, with some sassy talk directed at the lege.

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