Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kay hosts summit for Texans to learn about how to get a piece of the stimulus...

Kay is hosting Texans in our nation's capital to learn about how they can get the most stimulus money possible (link). Excerpts follow:

“Whether you are in favor or opposed to the stimulus, it’s happening,” Reed said. “We are trying to maximize the amount we get in this region.”

The grant process will give area cities, school districts, counties and other entities opportunities to vie for stimulus money in a competitive process.

“We envision applying for more and more of that money,” Reed said.

Reed was in Washington, D.C., this week attending a summit hosted by U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison aimed at helping Texas entities learn how to be competitive for the remaining stimulus money.

Are most Senators doing this, I would assume? I am sort of envisioning this massive convention of state and local officials from around the country, learning about how to get the most money from the government. I wonder if this guy will be leading any of the discussions...

Massive centralized spending bills are dangerous, because they force local officials to line up at the federal trough like good little obedient pigs, even if they disagree with the spending to begin with.

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