Friday, April 3, 2009

Kay speaks on the floor of the Senate about Obama's budget...

Kay, unfiltered (link):

A blogger on the Texans for Kay website adds some comments, as well (link). They follow:
Earlier today, Senator Hutchison spoke on the Senate floor about her effort with Sens. Tom Coburn, Lindsey Graham and John McCain to bring common sense to the federal budget. She talks about the need to restrain spending, keep the 2001 and 2003 Republican tax cuts in place and the importance of tackling our unsustainable federal debt. Debt is an issue that is often overlooked but it has been an issue near and dear to the Senator’s heart since her days as State Treasurer—she was the architect of the 5% debt cap that eventually became a voter approved constitutional amendment.
It seemed like a frantic day yesterday in the Senate, with lots of votes on lots of amendments. Has anyone looked at what they all mean yet? Did anything good pass?

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  1. your totally overlooking KBH's really bad votes this week..........................
    check her voting record and look at earmarks and bailouts in particular.....................


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