Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pro life issue and Rick vs. Kay...

Texas Insider has a good article about how the pro life issue will play in the race for Governor (link). Excerpt follows:

Governor Rick Perry has long been touted as one of the most pro-life governors Texas has ever seen. Common belief holds that this will be a key issue – if not THE issue – that could put him over the edge in the 2010 primary election against United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Since he has been in the executive office, Perry has supported parental consent, a ban on 3rd trimester abortions, a prenatal protection act protecting unborn babies from assault, a ban on tax dollars used to support abortion facilities, informed consent, a human cloning ban, and he has recently vowed to veto any legislation allowing state dollars to be used for embryonic stem cell research.


Senator Hutchison’s is considered by many to be a pro-life candidate. Others point to her mixed voting record on abortion as scored by the National Right to Life. In particular, she has voted to expand embryonic stem cell research – an emerging issue not yet tested in hard-fought primaries with as much significance as the upcoming governor’s campaign.

Would Kay consider herself pro life? Will she stand up for herself if she is attacked for being pro choice? Or will Kay concede the issue in a bid to win moderates and cross over Democrats. Time will tell.

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