Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rick woos YCT members...

Rick spoke to the state convention of the Young Conservatives of Texas last night and made his pitch to the college students (link). Excerpts follow:

The Young Conservatives of Texas haven’t decided which gubernatorial candidate in the 2010 Republican primary is conservative enough, yet.

“We just want the most conservative candidate in office,” said Laura Elizabeth Morales, senior vice chairman for the group. “We don’t say how somebody leans until we get their questionnaires, get their interviews and talk with the group.”

Gov. Rick Perry spent about 15 minutes Saturday trying to convince attendees of the organization’s annual convention that it was him.

“We’re in a battle,” he said before comparing the Obama administration to “locusts covering a field.” “We can either run from the storm, or start putting out the big sprayer with some pesticide.”

The article goes on to make the highly unscientific claim that the attendees generally were waiting to declare their allegiances, yet that some preferred Rick and that "no one interviewed said they were leaning towards KBH." And yet the article also states there was a Kay representative on hand. Why did the reporter not at least get a quote from him?

Another question is why did Kay not attend? Did she snub YCT, did they snub her, or was it just a matter of convenience, with Rick being closer in proximity and able to throw it on his schedule first. The Young Conservatives of Texas are kind of a big deal in Texas politics. They are often controversial, but they are also more influential and far more active than the College Republicans, Young Republicans, and other GOP youth oriented groups.

Their endorsement in the Rick vs. Kay race might not be worth a lot of dollars, but it will be worth a lot of volunteers and a certain level of prestige.


  1. great post. The YCT convention this year was fabulous. I attended both the CR convention and the YCT convention. there is no comparison. this group doesn't get enough credibility. they're the real deal.

  2. I have to say, as a neutral party I attended both the College Republican and Young Conservative Conventions, and there was no comparison. I'm just learning about YCT, but what I've seen tells me that YCT is highly organized, funded, and motivated about spreading the conservative message and promoting conservative candidates. Great stuff.

  3. I thought Governor Perry did a good job. I was already supporting him though. Kay Bailey is pro-abortion and voted for the bailout. That's all I need to know.


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