Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sarah vs. Kay-- changing the name of this blog

I have a major announcement to make about this blog. Instead of being called Rick vs. Kay, I am going to be changing it to Sarah vs. Kay. I'll probably get a lot more hits that way.

Not really, but this tiff just keeps going and going and going and going. Like the Energizer Bunny, it just lasts and lasts.

The picture below comes from the Burnt Orange Report (link) via the raucous and rowdy R.G. Ratliffe (link).

There is a whole interactive feature to it, where the two hit each other in the face and say insults.

Cartoon Sarah Palin's insults to Kay include:
"I endorse Rick Perry"
"You're not a true conservative"
"You're Wishy Washy"
"You're Pro-Choice"
Cartoon Kay responds:
"McCain really wanted me to be Vice President"
"McCain won't endorse you but he wrote a budget with me"
"You don't know Eskimo from Alamo about Texas"
"Go Watch the Russians from your front porch in Alaska"
Not to beat a dead horse, but what was Kay's team thinking bringing this all back up again?

As "Why Mommy Is A Republican" blog says (link)...
I predict this will be as damaging to Hutchison's campaign as Senator Elizabeth Dole's bad move in challenging her opponent's faith life. Sigh.
I wouldn't go that far. I think Dole's move cost her an election she would have squeaked out. This move will not cost Kay the election, just a few percentage points worth of votes.

Palin's endorsement of Perry had run its course, and almost nobody was talking about it. Now, it's practically gone viral, showing up all over google news alerts, yahoo news alerts, and on blogs here, there, and everywhere. Even if Palin is not nearly the rock star she was several months ago, she still elicits very positive responses from Republicans and very negative ones from Democrats. If Kay's team is anticipating a lot of cross over votes from Democrats, she may be deeply disappointed, especially if Democrats have their own contested primary going on (which looks somewhat likely with Bush friend Tom Schieffer and Leticia Van de Putte and others all hinting at running).

UPDATED at 1:31 in the afternoon....
I just noticed they spelled Kay's last name incorrectly. Was that just an innocent error, or is there an inside joke I am not getting that requires you to spell her name wrong? Seems like a lot of work went into something that has a pretty obvious error.

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