Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kay's vote on the charity bill and other blogs on the right have been in a frenzy over the "GIVE Act" the Senate passed last week (link). RedState asserts it is "statism cloaked as national service." They also say it is a good example of Republican failure. Excerpt follows:

Republicans often find themselves trying to figure out the primary reasons for the Party’s collapse since its high point (at least on paper) in 2004. And while there are a lot of good arguments… one needn’t look much further than last night’s vote on the “Serve America Act” to get a glimpse of the Party’s rot at its core.

This pathetic vote shows you how far the Party has slid from principle toward expedience and mediocrity. This is what the Party has become… a group of Washington insiders more interested in self-promotion and feel-good talking points than in promoting freedom, personal (and familial) responsibility, self-reliance, limited government, local control, and private enterprise (be it for profit or for charity).

It turns out that Kay voted for it. Big John voted against it. I have had a couple of emails come in about it from what seems to be normal people. Apparently it's an issue that people are paying attention to, even if there is no media coverage about it.

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