Thursday, May 28, 2009

The budget under Rick... up but up below inflation and population...

Wayne Slater has a blog about the Texas budget under Rick (link)...

It is up 53% from Rick's first budget to the 2010-2011 budget.

Is that high? Low? What does that number even mean?

No offense to Slater or the first comment maker on Wayne's blog, but the second comment on his blog is a lot more informative than anything they threw out there. Tony McDonald comments...

I did some basic calculations -- inflation has been about 30% overall over the last 10 years (

So, if you factor that, and 25% population growth (20 million in 2000 to 25 million now) and you apply both of those factors to the 118 billion dollar budget in 2000, we would be at approximately 190 billion. We're below that, so I would say we're doing relatively ok.

This is all rough, rounded math, but I think it paints a relatively accurate picture.

I checked Tony's math, and some websites point to more than 25% population growth in Texas, which would mean a lower rate of growth than the growth of population and inflation combined, but even under Tony's assumptions the Texas budget has remained within those magical measures of population and inflation growth, which is pretty difficult to do in this era of spend spend spend.

Not bad.

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