Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Rick fits in with the "Ted Nugent" aka true conservative wing of the GOP...

The extremely astute veteran writer Bernie Quigley, a guy I have had the honor of eating with a few years back at a fancy function in our nation's capital, has an interesting blog up on The Hill about the four political camps that are emerging in America right now.

There's the Obama Democrats, the Clinton Democrats, the RINOs, and the "Ted Nugent Republicans."

His blog explains it pretty well and is pretty convincing, so take a peek (link). Excerpt follows...

It is futile today to try to understand what is happening through the traditional framework of Democrat vs. Republican. So much has changed since the beginning; class status and wages since Roosevelt have somewhat equalized in a vast middle class; integration has come to the South; moral and ethical issues have become regionalized; and new groups like Libertarians are gaining ground. East vs. West, Roosevelt vs. Barry Goldwater, heartland vs. big city are abstractions that better express where we might be heading.

It is, however, now possible to see instead a clear division of four distinct political families, one of which could well claim our destiny in the new century. The four are: Kennedy liberals, of which President Obama is the current champion; Clinton liberals, who send forth loyalists like Hillary and Terry McAuliffe; and, on the other side of the spectrum, the traditional George H.W. Bush conservatives and a new group which might be called Ted Nugent conservatives.

The Nugies are the most interesting group right now, as they are an awakening force in America. The state sovereignty movement, in which 31 states have presented initiatives, are Ted Nugent conservatives. The nationwide anti-tax Tea Party-goers of April 15, including those who stood with Ted and Rick Perry, governor of Texas, at the Alamo to oppose incursions by the federal government are Ted Nugent conservatives. The 30,000 who signed on for a massive national phone conversation on Thursday night with Perry and Mark Sanford, gornor of South Carolina, on the same topic are Ted Nugent conservatives.

Quigley goes on to describe how Rick fits right into the "true conservative" wing of the Republican Party...

This week Perry, a personal friend of Uncle Ted, has taken leadership of this constituency. Hollywood-handsome and with that earthy Texas touch of LBJ that gets him photographed playing with dogs, his appeal will be strong outside of New York, New Jersey and most of New England. Revolution begins as a rumor, then a feeling or sensibility; a half-drunk crowd massacred by British soldiers in Boston, a ruckus at the Alamo. Hagiographers and propagandists will come later. What you really need to get things boiling is a wild man; a John Brown or a James Otis, an early champion of the American Revolution in Boston. Ted would fit the bill. There couldn’t be a better one to send the eloi at The New YorkerVanity Fair and up by the Dakotas into toxic apoplectic shock. He hunts with high-powered rifles. He probably hunts penguins. He probably eats them. He called Hillary a bitch.

It has been reported that in a poll commissioned by DailyKos, nearly half of Texas Republicans think their state would be better off leaving the United States and becoming an independent nation. Another poll in Georgia showed that 43 percent of Republicans believe their state would also be better off on its own.

Right now Ted Nugent Conservatives would include Perry, Sanford, Libertarian Ron Paul and Sarah Palin.

Read the whole blog. It's a very interesting way to think about how the political spectrum really is, as opposed to looking at it from a purely Democrats vs. Republicans point of view. I don't necessarily agree with every word, but it makes a compelling argument. I am sure Bernie spent a few weeks thinking about this blog, talking with people about it, and researching it before writing it, so it's worth your time.

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