Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rick still getting buzz about film incentive bill signing...

Rick signed into law a film incentive package that has a lot of people very excited. He's still getting positive buzz for it (link). Excerpt follows...
“We believe this could be one of the most positive and impactful laws to come out of this year’s legislature,” said Ed McGuire, Vice President of Construction for Bob Moore Construction. “According to the Governor’s office, the industry has brought more than $1.2 billion dollars to Texas in just the past ten years. Unfortunately, states like New Mexico and Louisiana have ramped up their efforts to entice movie-makers. In the past two years those two states have earned over a half-billion dollars in film and TV productions. Currently, about 25 percent of Texas-based film professionals are working in these states, some starting to relocate permanently. Those are construction projects, jobs and dollars that could have gone to Texas.

“We already have the cost-competitive real estate, the superior air and road transportation networks and the capable workforce to support those movie projects,” added Mr. McGuire. “Now, with these new incentives, Texas is poised to bring those projects here and keep those high-skill professionals in state.”
I've even heard people talking about it "on the street." I overheard some people last night at Hula Hut in Austin talking about a project they are greenlighting up the Colorado River near the dam. Some sort of Lord of the Flies type of movie... a paradise lost.

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