Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rick closer to victory on "Choose Life" license plates...

Rick probably has the pro life crowd mostly in the bag for his election, but there may be another feather in his cap soon. The Texas legislature is closer to approving a "Choose Life" license plate (link). Excerpt follows...
Perry embraced the legislation at a December news conference attended by anti-abortion activists and parents of adopted children. "You can count on me, you can count on our team, to help guide this bill through the Legislature," he said.

Typical liberal media, with a subtle bias. Instead of "pro life" it is "anti abortion." They would never call pro choice "pro abortion."

The arguments against this plate are really flimsy. "We should not politicize license plates." There are a large number of license plates with borderline political messages on them. Give people options is what I say.

Choosing life once transcended political party. Many Democrats were once pro life, including even crazies like Dennis Kucinich. Now, if you are a Democrat, you are not pro life. Period. More and more, Republicans are moving the opposite direction. Once, being pro choice as a Republican was not as big of a deal as it is now. Now you pretty much have to be pro life if you want to call yourself a Republican, especially in Texas.

Has Kay weighed in on the choose life plate? She is known for being "moderately pro choice" whatever that means but does that extend to license plate slogans?

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