Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is Rove involved in Rick vs. Kay?

There are a lot of rumors out there about Karl Rove's involvement or lack thereof in Kay's campaign. Wayne Slater lays out some of those rumors in a blog (link).

I've heard from some insiders that Rove has no involvement, and Kay's campaign manager even has confirmed that repeatedly in the press. I've also heard from other people that Rove participates in conversations quite often with Kay's team but is not really a formal advisor, which makes sense. I've also heard that Rove was involved early on but essentially withdrew in the past few months. Lots of rumors swirling.

Anyone care to speculate what is going on?

Has anyone asked Karl Rove about it point blank? I think his answer would carry more weight than the rumors.


  1. He may be the "architect" but his cookie has been crumbling the last few cycles. So much of what he does is hush hush; that's probably why there are always "rumors" floating around. Rove's player's have kind of worn out they're welcome with voters. If they are working together, they may think too much Rovin' round the Hutchison camp might disillusion a lot of conservatives.
    He's brilliant at divisive politics but what if Texas is looking for something different (and they know it)?

    She made it clear she's running as a Republican. My guess at advise coming from Rove would be, "Stay in Washington!". I really think she wants to come home and it will be a tough campaign. Reps. nationally are really straining to get it together. The problem for the Dems will be if the party isn't divided enough to balance its self without an effective opposition party.

    Think maybe Newt's his guy?

  2. one of the best comments (by far) of this piece of crap KBH front that has appeared and it was by a democrat. sheeh.

  3. Always liked Kay and Rick too, lately there has been a lot of talk about Kay leaning more to the left. Is that so?


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