Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Solomonic compromise... Roger Staubach?

There is a story in the Bible about two women who both claimed a child as their own, after one of them lost their own baby. They fought and fought and both said the baby was theirs and the dead baby was the child of the other woman.

They went to Solomon to figure it out for them. Solomon ordered the baby cut in half and given in equal parts to the women. Suddenly one of the women cried out, "stop, the other woman can have the baby. Just don't harm the child."

Solomon then knew who the baby belonged to. He granted the child to the woman who would have given it to the other woman.

I am sure I butchered the retelling of that story and you should probably go read it for yourself, but that was the crux of the story.

Christi Hoppe has a blog about a a Dallas Republican who doesn't want Kay and Rick to rip each other apart, so he is now supporting... Roger Staubach for Texas Governor (link). Excerpt follows...
Dallas Republican David Smith wants a new quarterback for Texas. And so he has registered a political committee with the Texas Ethics Commission called Texans for Staubach aimed at trying to get the former Dallas Cowboy to run for governor.
To be clear, Smith acknowledges that Staubach himself has sent back a message through a friend-of-a-friend that he has given his political and financial support to Kay Bailey Hutchison in the GOP race. But that has not deterred Smith.
"That doesn't faze me at all," he said. He figures that Roger is constantly bombarded with requests and that persistence and maybe gathering 50,000 supportive signatures will win him over.
Smith, a financial analyst, said he has voted for both Hutchison and Rick Perry in the past. "But I'm not interested in seeing the two top elected officials rip each other apart for the next year," he said.
Staubach could charge on down the field, he thinks.
Anyone else feel a draft?
If this keeps up, I will have to change the graphic and name of this blog. If David Smith is Solomon, who would he give the child to? Rick or Kay?

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  1. You got the last part wrong—but I like the Solomon reference!

    Think of the Office of the Governor as the infant. The two women are the People and their Representatatives (Hamilton / Marshall reference). I want the infant returned to the rightful mother. Nice write-up!

    David Smith


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