Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leo Berman and Debra Medina and Larry Kilgore... oh my....

Leo Berman has thrown his name out there for a race for Governor...

His hometown paper has the story (link). Excerpt follows...
"They haven't (addressed illegal immigration) up until now," he said. "I think they are so concerned that it is such a hot-button topic that they won't do it period. I will. I will enforce the laws of the state of Texas as governor."

Berman said though he will work toward addressing illegal immigration, he will not be a "one- issue candidate." He said he will run on a conservative platform and, if elected governor, will "move the Republican Party back to its winning ways on the right."
He is a single issue candidate sort of like Tom Tancredo.

Later, he sounded exactly like Rick when talking about Washington...
Berman said he expects to make a good run and win the Republican primary. "I am going to energize the conservative base in Texas, the real Republican base in Texas, which stayed home during the last presidential election because they were so dissatisfied with what Republican members of Congress were doing in Washington," Berman said. "The reason we lost the House and Senate in Washington is because Repub-licans in Washington for the last ten years have been acting like Democrats."
Word around the Capitol is that Leo is on pretty good terms with Rick for the most part, hates Kay, but really hates Mexicans. From what I have heard, Leo likes Rick but is still running because he doesn't think Rick properly shares his disdain for Mexicans.

Rick's positions on border security are for another blog on another day, but Rick just can't win on this issue. To Democrats, Rick is being mean... they are also criticizing his border security programs saying they are not well managed or that the threat is overhyped and his request for 135 million dollars for border security is overblown (link). To the Leo Bermans of the world, Rick is not doing enough because he is not sending the Texas Rangers to round up Mexicans and deport them en masse.

Some people will never be satisfied.

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