Friday, May 8, 2009

Polling in Texas Governor's Race...

Rick and Kay are basically tied, according to Rasmussen's new poll that came out yesterday (link). How I missed it until today (since everyone and their dog has blogged about it already), I know not, but Rasmussen's poll seems to confirm what Rick's poll said earlier this week...
Survey of 700 Likely Republican Primary Voters May 6, 2009
Election 2010:
Texas Governor Republican Primary
Perry 42%
Hutchison 38%
Other 7%
Not sure 13%

Rick's campaign also did some more polling showing that 67% of Texas Republicans would rather see Kay stay in the Senate, while 23% would like to see her resign and offer "new leadership" by running for Governor. I wonder if Kay's pollster was included in that 67%, based on what he said earlier this week about hoping Kay stayed in the Senate (link). Here's how it was worded specifically...
Which viewpoint comes closest to your own? (Rotate statements)
67% I'd rather
see Kay Bailey Hutchison stay in Washington and keep
her seniority in the
United States Senate.
23% I'd rather see Kay Bailey Hutchison return to Texas
and offer new
new leadership by running for governor in the Republican

What does any of this mean?

The race is close. A lot of Republicans don't want to see a bloody intraparty battle. Rick does better with conservatives, Kay does better with moderates.

But we already knew all of that. Now we have the recent UT poll (link), Rick's internal polling, and the Rasmussen Reports poll all to confirm it.

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