Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TX-DOT sunsetting...

Paul Burka really doesn't like Rick. Check out a recent blog of his about the sunset process for the Department of Transportation (link). Excerpt follows...

2. More empowerment of the governor.

From the start of the Sunset process, critics were concerned that Isett was in the governor’s pocket. Their fears were realized when he amended the bill to require that the terms of all commissioners will expire September 1. This will strengthen Perry’s hand, because new appointees will not know the history and will be more likely to go along with what the governor wants, and the endless war between TxDOT and the Legislature will go on and on. The accelerated expiration date also allows the governor to get rid of the most independent member of the commission, Ned Holmes, of Houston, who is a Hutchison supporter, and replace him with a loyalist.

Burka is saying here that anything that gives Rick more power is bad in and of itself. Am I off base?

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