Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kay calls on Obama to keep Guantanamo open...

Kay is on the record opposing Obama's closing of Guantanamo. Watch her own words, unfiltered (link)...

I agree with every word she says here.

Obama should not close down Guantanamo Bay just because he boxed himself in during the campaign. The fact that there is a term called "Guantanamo Gut" where these terrorists are actually gaining a lot of weight there from their first real medical care and nutrition speaks volumes. Kay staying in the Senate or leaving is a tough decision, but being able to take leadership roles on issues such as this is one big advantage to staying in the Senate. Kay can fire up the base on some of these issues, and Rick will never, ever comment on them, because he is the Governor. Kay though can comment on both national issues and Texas issues, because she is a Senator running for Governor. She can fill some conservative space that Rick can't even access, and by doing so she will gain lots of good will with the base. She can also use her seniority and her street cred as a moderate Republican to take a leadership role on some of these pressing and important issues. That's what we want to see our Senator doing. Give us more things like this to be proud of, Kay.


  1. gag us with a spoon! what a kbh suck up. this must be matt meathead trying to get his job back?

  2. Don’t bother wasting your time with this site.

    Listen if Kay can’t make this an issue she has no business running for anything.

    She should have owned this Obama closing Gittmo issue but her strong(Not!) floor remarks were only after the democrat leader harry Reid all ready had pronounced the policy dead. She took to the floor to flog a dead mule. In fact the GOP leader McConnell took to the floor 12 times to denounce the Obama plan that’s before the democrats had killed it. Kay wants everyone to love her. That is not leadership that American Idol. She is in the wrong contest.

  3. This is stupid. KBH is not brave for this, or even conservative. The vote on this was 94 to nothing. Check the voting record:


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