Thursday, May 14, 2009

Governor Sanford on the Teaparty 2.0 tonight...

Greta on Fox News interviewed Mark Sanford last night about the "virtual tea party" conference call tonight (link)...

Thanks to the super liberal Media Matters for providing the video embeddability.

The Republican Governors Association is not actually calling this "Tea Party 2.0" but a lot of other people on blogs are. I think it will be more of a basic conference call, and it just happens to have two of the only "establishment" Republicans who were in on the sweet tea party action early enough to have "anti establishment" street cred. If people are expecting the same energy on the call that they had at the tea parties, they are sorely mistaken. From what I can tell, it is being called "Tea Party 2.0" more by the likes of Politico and others than Rick, Mark Sanford, or the RGA itself. They are calling it the "Call for Freedom" and promoting it more as a constructive session for brainstorming and rebuilding the GOP. In the interview with Greta, Sanford even said it would be "awkward" and not as good as the real world tea parties in April.

I am signed up for the call, which I am sure will be a lot like the ones Michael Q. Sullivan does here in Texas. A great idea, but nothing that will change your life. This one happens tonight at 7:30. You can still apparently sign up at They are also using a "don't call us, we'll call you" system, maybe to prevent hackers from jamming the system and also gather more information from people for future fundraising efforts.

The RGA has claimed that 30 thousand may be on the call. If Fox News is actively promoting it as Media Matters claims (I watch some Fox and have seen scant evidence of that), I could easily see that number reach much, mucher higher. Plus, Rick has been tweeting about it and promoting it on air as well, and he alone has a pretty good following for these kinds of things.

This also brings up another point... will Sanford endorse Rick's candidacy, and will the RGA do so as well against Kay assuming she is still in the race?

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