Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why this 10th amendment stuff is so powerful for Rick...

After holding what seemed like a huge lead for Kay a few months ago, a few polls have come out recently showing a narrowing of the race. Indeed, Rick even leads among conservatives by 15 points in Rasmussen. Most Republican primary voters call themselves conservatives, so that is a pretty big deal. Kay holds a big lead among moderates, but this is not shaping up to be the year for moving to the center, if you are in a Republican primary. The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man sending back soup at a deli. The base is angry. They want the most conservative, period.

A few months ago, if you would have asked me to place a wager on Rick or Kay, and I had to pick one, I would have picked Kay. I think her lead was just big enough to warrant that. Now, I think it is a real toss up, with a slight edge going to Rick due to his momentum.

What caused the turnaround?

This 10th amendment stuff is powerful, despite the mainstream media misunderstanding and mischaracterization of the issue. Texas Republicans totally understand it.

America's Right blog has a really comprehensive wrap up blog about the Tea Party 2.0 call from last Thursday (link). Excerpt follows...
"When it comes to the Tenth Amendment, I look at it pretty simply," Perry said, cautioning that he was neither attorney nor constitutional law scholar. "The federal government was created as an agent for the states, not the other way around. It’s a simple concept, but it’s been lost on so many."

Alone in my living room, a cordless phone on the coffee table, I clapped when I heard that.
Rick seemed to do a pretty good job winning over some of the skeptical tea party type of people, as did Mark Sanford. The 10th amendment just sets certain people off. HCR 50 being killed or delayed by a liberal Democrat point of order in the legislature is not something that will make the base very happy about, but they won't turn their ire against Rick for it... or Kay for that matter. They may get active in the next GOP primary at the local level, though.

Back to the Tea Party conference call, where that comment about clapping out loud in his living room came from...

Bloggers and people on twitter really seemed to love all over Rick and Mark alike right after the call. Unfortunately, although I signed up for the call I never received a call to join, but the RGA does have it archived on their web site...

I listened to some of it but not all. Let me know if there are any specific gems in there, and I will see if I can blog them.

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