Friday, May 15, 2009

Rick ends stupid occupational licensing fiefdom...

Some fun news about occupational licensing requirements (link)...

On Tuesday, Governor Rick Perry signed a bill that overturned a previous law that said only interior designers with state government-issued licenses could formally call themselves "interior designers" or market their services as "interior design."

No justice, no peace!

From the Institute for Justice:

Before the change in the law, a small cartel of politically powerful interior designers was using the power of government to limit their competition. Now, with the removal of government-imposed limits on the free speech of interior designers across the state, capable designers who don't want or need the government to help them succeed can get back to what they do best: interior design work that pleases their clients.
There are a lot of dumb laws on the books out there. It is always nice to see one get repealed.

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