Tuesday, May 26, 2009

San Angelo's mayor... strange sex scandal...

The Wall Street Journal has the story (link). Excerpt follows...
J.W. Lown, the mayor of San Angelo in West Texas, recently narrated a video touting his town as a great place to live. Then he left to pursue another passion.

Mr. Lown resigned this week -- less than a month after winning a fourth two-year term in a landslide -- saying he was leaving to carry on a relationship with a Mexican man who had been living illegally in the U.S.

Mr. Lown, 32 years old, sent the city manager a text message just hours before he was due to be sworn into office Tuesday that said he wouldn't be at the ceremony. He'd moved to Mexico, leaving behind a short letter of resignation on his desk.
Google News alerts are a funny thing. This story has nothing to do with Rick or Kay, but the only picture they could find of this guy was one with Rick...

Look at the look on Rick's face. He looks like he is just really weirded out by these people... kind of a "WTF" look on his face.

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