Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Will Kay vote to confirm Sotomayor?

I can't imagine a scenario that would allow Kay to vote for Sonia Sotomayor, but the AP seems to differ in their logic (link)...
Hispanic groups say that Republicans, particularly those from Southern and Western states with large and growing Hispanic populations, will be hard-pressed to oppose Sotomayor given her bipartisan appeal — she was first nominated for a federal court post by President George H.W. Bush — and strong qualifications.

A case in point: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, the Texas Republican who is running to be governor in a heavily Hispanic state. The League of United Latin American Citizens, which honored Hutchison at its February gala, plans to lobby her in person to back Sotomayor and ask their members to urge her to do so, said Lizette Olmos, a spokeswoman.

Hutchison gave no hint Tuesday of her position on Sotomayor's nomination. As the Senate evaluates her, Hutchison said in a statement, "our chief concern must be her commitment to the rule of law. I look forward to a fair and open confirmation process as we work to ensure our next Supreme Court justice will defend and protect the Constitution through impartial judgment and judicial restraint."
My prediction: Kay will vote no, and it won't even be a difficult decision.
I see their point about Kay courting the Hispanic vote, and they are right that she is close with the LULAC crowd (link) and did vote to confirm the potentially far more liberal Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary, but this is a vote people will be paying attention to, and it would be shockingly bad for Kay in a Republican Primary to vote yes to Sotomayor. 

Kay even voted against Sotomayor in the past (link), so I just don't think the AP knows anything about anything.

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