Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rick and Kay vying for the running vote...

Kay recently participated in a 3 mile race in DC (link). Excerpt follows, with picture...

Hutchison, fit and trim at age 65, was decked out in a UT baseball cap and a T-shirt declaring "Herd on the Hill," the name of her office's running squad. The Dallas Republican looked strong this morning as she finished the riverside course comfortably. Indeed, she finished ahead of your blogger-in-chief (who did edge out 77-year-old Richard Lugar).

Here's the dirty secret of the race: Hutchison was the only female senator to enter the race, which features lawmakers, reporters, judges and White House officials in running shorts.
KBH Cap Challenge.jpg

Rick is an avid runner, and he frequently Tweets about it from @GovernorPerry. Rick also started the Texas Round-Up race which aims to make Texans more fit. He also ran in a 200 mile relay race a couple months ago, and there are lots of pictures on his Flickr page of Rick in his running gear...
TIR 069 by you.

I think Rick is more of a genuine runnerholic. He makes it part of who he is personally and as Governor (link). Kay does deserve some props for participating in a 5K though. A lot of female Senators might be far too worried to step out of their pant suit and into their sweat pants, but by golly Kay did it. I did see her on CNBC that morning last week and she did seem highly confused about how far a 5K was. I think she settled in on 3.5 miles. A 5K is actually 3.1 miles.

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