Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rick speaking to Values Voters Summit...

Rick is speaking this summer, sometime between September 18 and 20, to the national Values Voters Summit(link).

  • Gov. Rick Perry

  • He has an asterick by his name, which means he is confirmed. 

    Is Kay going to be there too? They are a pretty big deal and very influential among social conservatives, who make up most of the GOP primary vote.

    On Rick's Twitter this morning, he made a few tweets about the National Day of Prayer in Austin (link)... 
  • @claywalker Great performamce today...Nat'l Day of Prayer..you're so totally blessed..ur bro, Rick Perry
  • Colt McCoy leading the prayer for education/educators...what an absolutely great young man.
  • Clay Walker and Gary Bauer are wowing the audience at the National Day of Prayer.
  • Clay Walker and I are headed to National Day of Prayer. What a great friend and role model...
  • Hat tip about the Values Voters Summit to Wayne Slater (link).

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