Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katrina myths...

There is a great blog at The Next Right (link), cross posted at the Travis Monitor (link), that cuts to the heart of why I didn't like Kay's criticism of Rick last week for the video tape of the state school abuse that was recently released. It smacked of "Bush caused Katrina" myth to me.

The Next Right/Travis Monitor blogger did a good job attacking some of those myths head on, and included a blip about Rick and Texas. Excerpts follow...
Here in Texas, Katrina was a stellar example of neighbor helping neighbor, as Governor Rick Perry, cities in Texas, and people, church groups and agencies and organizations pulled together to help the many thousands who were displaced. Hundreds of thousands of Katrina victims found temporary shelter in Texas.


Somehow that same Bush FEMA managed to adequately help with Katrina in Miss., Rita in Texas, a number of hurricanes in 2004 and other disasters before and since, and get good to great reviews in most instances. But then in these other disasters, it befell cities and states less prone to blame-gaming and more able to take initiative at the local / state level to do what needed to be done.
I find this to be an important piece of the puzzle. Rick usually gets high marks for his handling of hurricanes. Rita, Ike, and Dolly were the most destructive of all time in Texas, yet the state hung in there. How many hurricanes will hit Texas this summer and early fall? That might give Rick the boost he needs to get over the top against Kay, or it might invite partisan and intraparty criticism of his handling, if any little thing goes wrong along the way.

I think the key is clearing your schedule if a hurricane even sniffs the state.

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