Thursday, May 7, 2009

Does Rick need a special flag just for him?

The legislature recently debated this important issue (link). Here is the story...
The House just had its daily leg stretch and heehaw. This one over designating an official flag for the governor.The Texas Pilot Flag.gif

House Democratic Leader Jim Dunnam of Waco, offered a bill proposing a red, white and blue flag dating to 1839 and the Republic of Texas (right). Dunnam said, "I think he should have a flag." Gov. Rick Perry has failed to issue an order specifying one.

3842-004-C238EDD3.gifRep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, said Dunnam's proposed flag looks too much like the current flag of Russia (left). Though Dunnam pleaded that Russia imitated the Republic of Texas, King swayed House members to substitute a blue flag with stars and a seal for Dunnam's 1839 pilot flag of the Republic of Texas.

"Members, vote for America, not Russia," King said.


You should finish the story. The flag proposed had a historic significance as the Pilots flag flown over Texas vessels as "Captain of the Ship." Rep. King made the argument that it resembled the flag of Russia and then added in true texas style - his version had the words "in god we trust". So the House rejected a historic flag with significance - the Pilots flag.

The things our legislature bothers themselves with... I tend to agree that it looks a little bit like Russia's flag, but not really. If it has Texas significance, it has Texas significance.

A Russian website picked up on this story and put out the headline, "Texas governor refuses to fly Russian flag." Rick didn't really have anything to do with the decision, but I guess that will bring in more eyes.

Instead of the flags above, the House settled on this one (link)...

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