Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rick and Kay... Leave the strip clubs alone...

There is a bill working its way through the legislature that would lower the tax on strip clubs from 5 dollars per patron to 3 dollars per patron and change some other "pole tax" rules and regulations (link). Excerpt follows from a good comment on that article...
From the story:
"The question has to be asked: Do you want to be with the strip club owners or a supporter of sexual assault advocates?" said Torie Camp, deputy director of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

What a crock! What does one have to do with the other? Most of the topless clubs already pay more in sales and use taxes than a lot of places and they probably have less sexual assaults there than regular bars. I am straight and female and feel much more comfortable leaving a topless bar at night than a regular bar. There is actual security at most.
Agreed. Let people do what they want, and leave them alone. Sin taxes are not efficient ways of raising ample tax revenues, and they do what conservatives hate... sin taxes pick winners and losers. They declare the strip clubs are losers, when they are really just businesses providing a legal service like any other business.

This is an issue that Kay won't touch with a ten foot poll, but if asked I would bet she would be on the same page as Rick, for a fee on strip clubs to support sexual assault programs. My take is that Rick and Kay should both leave the strip clubs alone and stop trying to raise revenue to fund winners through a moral agenda aimed at government chosen losers. I say all of this as a self proclaimed social conservative who is pro gun, pro traditional marriage, and pro life. I also say this as someone who has never attended these facilities and probably won't ever go to one in the future either.

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