Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who says government doesn't create jobs? Kay proves otherwise...

Republicans are fond of saying that government doesn't create jobs, small businesses create them.

Sometimes that line doesn't hold however. Kay was part of a big job announcement bringing 400 military jobs to San Antonio (link). Excerpt follows...
SAN ANTONIO -- The Air Force has chosen a San Antonio base for a new cyber security and defense command.

Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said Air Force Secretary Michael Donley chose Lackland Air Force Base for the new cyber command. Air Force officials made no official announcement Thursday but were expected to do so on Friday.

The cyber warfare command will employ about 400 people including the commander's staff and an around-the-clock operations center. The operations center will focus on defending Air Force networks against attacks and conduct some offensive operations.

Lackland, which already conducts all Air Force basic training, beat out five other bases considered for the new cyber command.
What role Rick or Kay had in this, I know not. Rick probably had nothing to do with it, although he was in the Air Force as a young man. Kay may have had a hand in the decision, but it is unclear how.

It is good for Texas either way.

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